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We may be coming to an end - WindStrike - 08-05-2017

I'm not going to absolutely confirm this, but both Orithan and myself have evaluated our lives a bit and the future, and neither of us can realistically continue to maintain this game forever. Plus, some of the playerbase is starting to get to some high-level endgame level of shenanigans, and if we're gonna start gearing for the end, now is as good a time to go for it. Should I get deeper into the game design industry, that'll mean my spare time will drastically decrease to the point where I definitely won't be able to do anything for this game, and I'm guessing Orithan has a similar situation for his profession.

So what's that mean for ZURPG? Well, there's still stories we wanna finish up, especially some long-awaited end-game stuff we've had planned for years. The game isn't over yet, but it's looking like we may try to end it by the end of next year. Me personally, after the current quest, I've got Sephiroth's Last Shard quest to run, then finally the bloody Twilight Quest, and two more quests after that, including some idiot group crazy enough to go for the Master Sword, so for those of you still wondering "where the heck is that darn thing", you'll find out within the next year. Orithan has three more quests he would like to run, which I believe will help fulfill the time for the weaker players/characters and catch them up decently to the rest for one final epic mega clash of doom at the very end.

And then if you're wondering, "well, what happens once the game is over?" Well, we keep the site up, run some documentation, I might rewrite (and tweak for consistency and quality) some of the quests into short stories and share them with the interwebz, etc. Will there be a ZURPG 2? Unless someone else runs it, not likely. Life is starting to take over, and rather than try and prolong this crazy game till the end of time, let's give it a good ending so we can remember it in awesomeness. Ultimately, we're aiming for ZURPG to be completed by the end of 2018.

That's the plan, anywho. I guess we'll see how this goes. To all those that have joined us and are willing to see this through to the end, thank you, and hope you enjoy the ride!

EDIT: Scratch that, I am gonna absolutely confirm this. Strong finish, here we come!