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[Hyrule City] Various Adventuerers - Orithan - 05-02-2017

Origin: ZURPG

Dubbed as “Fire Hands” by the underground community she associates herself with; Mus is a bulky female Blue Goryia with a taste for throwing and has attuned her abilities in incendiary arts; both in the realms of Magic and in physical combat. As an adventurer, she resides in Hyrule City; hunting for jobs to take and for bounties to pick up on. As the jobs she takes tend to be shady, it is not a surprise that she ends up working with various unsavory figures and will take on almost anything that promises a tangible reward. Well, except for murder; she will not do that unless it is a last resort.
She is currently not on the Bounty Board because nobody can prove that she has partaken in criminal activities. She is suspected in some incidents of robbery, but the Hylian Guard lacks the resources to pursue and question her.

Previous Quests
Dungeon of Shenanigans

RE: [Hyrule City] Various Adventuerers - Orithan - 05-02-2017

Rukai Snarler
Origin: ZURPG
Race: Hylian

A former member of the Dragonclaw clan, Rukai is a young well-built Hylian woman who swears by the art of claw and Fire in battle; refusing to fight without bearing either. Bearing piercing chestnut eyes and black hair, she gives off an intimidating presence to all those who would oppose her in combat. She is strongly affiliated with the Hylian Guard, though not formally a member of, and is actively protecting Hyrule City from troublemakers and wrongdoers.
Despite being closely linked with the Hylian Guard, she seems to have her own agenda. Nobody knows where she is half the time and she sometimes disappears for days on end with no explanation. A rumor being spread about via Gossip Stones is that she is one of the few remaining members of the Followers of Wisdom and is planning on linking up with Entrama and Orland to start the cult back up, but the Hylian Guard refuses to believe the rumor and are pursuing alternative theories as to why she disappears.
NOTE: Any DMs who wish to use Rukai in their quests must contact Orithan for permission and, if you get it, additional information. He has important character and backstory details pertaining to Rukai, some of which involve heavy spoilers, that are kept private from players and thus one must obtain them in order to run her in a quest.