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Hyrule - Zora's Domain - WindStrike - 12-04-2012

A long river runs alongside Hyrule Field, one that ends at Hyrule Castle's moat. It starts just east of the field. A large but short mountain underpass leads the way to Zora's River, an ascent up the mountain river in order to get to Zora's Domain.

Prior to Ganondorf's defeat, the river would always be teeming with wildlife, mostly unfriendly. Now Zoras occupy the river. Rather than people having to fight a battle just to get to Zora's Domain, it's now just a simple hike up the river.

At the top of the river is a waterfall basin. In order to get into Zora's Domain, people used to bring an instrument along to play the Royal Family's melody, which seemed to spread around after a certain boy in green played his ocarina a little too much everywhere. Seeing as the song was no longer a secret, and the Domain had an increasing number of visitors with every day, they decided to keep the entrance to the Domain open. With the aid of the Gorons, they created a stairway to the entrance, so no one would need sufficient jumping skills to get across either.

The interior of Zora's Domain was restructured as well. It was expanded on popular request - sled racing down from the Lake, through Zora Domain, and down the River. The finish line is the entrance to Kakariko Village. The sleds themselves are designed to slide down water as if it were ice, and it remains a popular weekly competition.

While the majority of Zora's Domain is actually a racecourse, the other elements remained the same - a large pool with a dimensional entrance to Lake Hylia, a shop that prides itself in selling spells cheaper than Hyrule Castle's shop, and the King's chamber, though it moved so that people can actually get to the Lake without having to... wait. Some of the ice from before still remains on the ceiling, though Princess Ruto seems to enjoy the aesthetic touch it gives to the place.

At the very top of the waterfall (which can reached by going through Zora's Domain) is a large lake. This actually isn't the end of the river, just for the main continent of Hyrule. Lord Jabu Jabu ferries various travelers every day by going through a thin river that leads all the way up to Northern Hyrule (Zelda 1 area), between the edge of the Lost Woods and the Legend's Forest. The river also meets up with another river that theoretically leads down to the Kokiri Forest, but there seems to be something in between that bounces people back. Even Lord Jabu Jabu is clueless on what's there.

The lake itself is fairly sparse. It's as deep as Lake Hylia, though not nearly as wide. The only thing of actual interest to note is the nearby cavern, which used to be covered in ice during Ganondorf's reign. Now that it's all melted, the interior is practically unrecognizable from before. The Zoras tried to clear this area out as well, though it didn't go so well when a rather large two-headed Aquamentus took residence in the cavern. Spewing forth both Fire and Water, no one has dared to fight it. The rumor is that it's actually not that strong, but for some reason, even the strongest of warriors won't go in to fight it. Either way, the Aquamentus doesn't seem to care about the initial area upon entering the cavern, but anyone that enters its lair (dragon spikes seem to have grown on the walls surrounding it, so it's quite obvious) is subject to death.