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Meanwhile, Around Hyrule Castle [Currently Planning Next Session] - Forgotten Third Eye - 12-26-2016

While Bob is screaming at a group of people adventuring over at the Gerudo area, Lord Gustaf wanted to arm the Hyrulean Army with some outlandish materials and other rare objects. Unfortunately, they cannot send some soldiers out, because they are NPCs and they would permanently die if they were to be killed. Instead, Lord Gustaf has a request for any adventurer that happens to not have permadeath - to hunt for these materials. That is how another adventure was formulated to contribute to the disasters/history of Hyrule.

This quest will run alongside the shenanigans that are occurring over at the Gerudo Desert Area. Well, in theory it is concurrent to that quest. The mechanics of this quest are fairly loose, and will rely more on the roleplaying aspect as per the sister quest. So go nuts and perform whatever earth-shattering craziness your mind can think of. As for the time of the first session, I actually do not know, and I'd rather just some people just so happen to be available at some point in the night for me to run a random session. This means that, yes, just about anybody can hop into the session and yes you can totally go solo if you really want to, though I wouldn't recommend it.

As for what places the players may go to, who knows, maybe they will go to an ancient ruins or trek through an underground city or even go into space (okay, maybe not space). All we know is that shenanigans will unfold and doors will kill and pots will be reluctant of the lack of plot. Maybe you might even get to explore a completely isolated land that nobody else has heard of because the inhabitants living there kinda just escaped many centuries ago.

RE: Meanwhile, Around Hyrule Castle [Date To Be Determined] - Forgotten Third Eye - 03-20-2017

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