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Description Practice - WindStrike - 11-02-2016

In an attempt to reinvent myself and figure out how my style has changed, gonna do some description practice here. Feel free to do description practices yourselves!

Dancing Flames
*You enter into the darkness, your first step echoing throughout through the hard but smooth surface. Right as silence begins to settle in, two rows of torches light up in sequence, one by one, revealing the path before you. The flames rise as they approach the end of the road, revealing a grand door with ancient writing etched in all around the door. The glow of the flames causes the writings to flash, briefly blinding you. Your sight returns, and you see the flames from the torches dance wildly, creating a trance of dashing shadows across the walls. The smoke embraces the ceiling, exploding outwards and creating a warm, red fog that graces the grand door at the end of this grand hall. Welcome, adventurers, to the Dungeon of Dancing Flames!*
Reflecting Moonlight
*The dry, foggy breaths. The sting of the cold air against your skin. The calm yet bitter breeze from the holes in the ceiling as the serene moonlight reflects off the ruins of this ice dungeon. You see your reflection, but you don’t recognize this pale version of yourself. The beauty of moonlight reveals your true fear of the cold amongst the drone of the wind. Were it not for your limbs freezing into ice sculptures, you might appreciate the flashes of blue, teal, and violet reflecting off each other in a dazzling display of lights, piercing through the abandoned shadows. A calm, still door, barely hidden behind a sliver of blackened ice lies before you. A symbol of the crescent moon can be seen towards the top of the door. As the moonlight reflects and shifts from one block of ice to the other, a crescent beam glances the crescent moon on the door. A deep, stone pounding sound resonates through the ice. Cracks form and shatter the merging of reflections, as dust falls from the ceiling, barely holding up from the deep echoes. The sound stops, and the black ice covering the door fades into its own shadow. The door eerily opens without a sound, welcoming you into the abyss of reflections ahead as darkness begins to envelop your own reflections. You consider leaving, but behind you is simply a reflection of yourself, refusing to let your curiosity cower in fear. Come now, a full moon is out. Don’t let yourself down now.*