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Out for possibly over a month - WindStrike - 09-20-2016

This weekend, I'm finishing up the FF-based joke quest thingy. After this weekend, due to a house project that needs my help, I'll be unavailable for several weekends, meaning I won't be able to play or DM anything properly in that time. However, following that, starting the weekend of October 21st, I'll be on a vacation to visits some friends and be gone for another 2-3 weeks, so yeah, unless I schedule a quest during the weekdays (for which I can't do for either the current planned quests I have following this FF-based one), I can't play or DM at all till early-ish November. I can still do some development stuffs, I can still try to run folks through tutorials, etc. I don't know if I'm bringing my computer during that vacation, depends on things, but regardless, my ability to do anything outside some dev work is gonna be pretty limited. I'm hoping I can get a few quests done up during this time so that I'm actually ahead on quest work for once.