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10/1/2016 - Google Analytics & Other site announcements - Sephiroth - 09-13-2016

On October 1st, 2016; I will be adding Google Analytics to the website. This will provide me with some anonymized details about the traffic visiting the website. You can view Google's policies on what kind of data their service gets, along with what they do with it. I will assure you, though. No personal data will be collected, and nothing that can identify someone (Hence the anonymized data) over someone else. It's primarily for me to see and gauge just what kind of traffic we are receiving and how much of it we're getting. The tidbit to enable Google Analytics will not be added to the site until October 1st, 2016.

On another note, While we don't have a formal Privacy Policy, do note that any information that has been submitted to this site will not, and has not ever been resold. Passwords are also stored encrypted in the database, so it is impossible to retrieve them. I will be drafting up a formal Privacy Policy and putting it up on the site by the 1st of October. This Privacy Policy will also cover our usage of browser cookies, and will replace the current Cookie Policy we have. Thank you.

ZURPG will never be emploring the use of any form of advertising on the site. So there is no worry about that. ZURPG will always remain ad-free.