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Hyrule - Hyrule Field - WindStrike - 11-27-2012

Connecting all of the major locations of Hyrule is a vast field of rolling hills, small forests and rivers, roaming travelers, caravans, and villains of many kinds. From Hyrule Field, you can get to the following places:
  • North - Hyrule Castle
  • Northeast - Kakariko Village
  • East - Zora River
  • Southeast - Kokiri Village
  • South - Moblin Forest
  • Southwest - Lake Hylia
  • West - Gerudo Valley
  • Northwest - Moruge Mountain Range
  • Center - Lon Lon Ranch
Paths connect most of the areas together, though the method of getting into the Moruge Mountain Range is unknown to most people. During the day, it's usually friendly, except when bandits do raiding parties, which can happen from time to time.

At night, Hyrule Field easily becomes one of the most dangerous places to be in all of Hyrule. Patrol groups only work during the day time prior to Hyrule Castle closing its drawbridge. Anyone that traverses Hyrule Field is subject to many dangers, be it Stalfos, Poes, bandits, and various villains. Many new evils try to crawl their way to greater power by conquering passerby travelers or each other. Usually, people have enough common sense to stay clear of Hyrule Field during the nighttime, but there are always a few that try to brave their way through it. Those that live are usually a result of luck or because they're already known to be formidable and a force to be avoided.

NOTE: I'll add anything history related later. For now, have at you.