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Dungeon Layouts - WindStrike - 08-24-2016

In case anyone wants a pre-made layout for a Dungeon of some kind. These layouts will be malleable to some degree in an intuitive manner, though there'll come a point in editing where you might be better off just making your own. Anyhow, here's the map layouts that are currently available:

Here's how you can apply easy edits:
  • Make a Copy:
    • These are just layout designs for anyone to copy. You'll need to make your own copy to make any edits for your specific dungeon. For this, you will need a Google Account.
    • Select File --> Make a Copy.
    • Wah-lah, you have your own version! Now you can alter the names, the doors, add stuff from the Legend, and whatever you want!
  • Treasure Chests:
    • Select the Treasure Chest icon in the Legend.
    • Copy+pasta it into any room.
  • Locked Doors:
    • Select the Locked Door icon in the Legend.
    • In the top-left corner, there's an option called Format Painter. Select it.
    • Then select one of the doors on the map. This'll transform it into a Locked Door.
  • Boss Doors:
    • Same process as Locked Door, except use the Boss Doors icon instead.
  • Water:
    • Select the Water icon in the Legend.
    • Copy+pasta it into any room.
    • Modify its boundaries as you see fit.

I will probably be applying new stuff to add and play around with in the Legend as I draw up more maps. In the meantime, enjoy!