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We're not doing a formal re-release - WindStrike - 08-15-2016

So all this time, I kept hyping "we're doing re-release, it's gonna be big, we're getting more people, it's gonna be a party, yaaaaaaay-"

Well, as reality has displaying to me in recent months, the amount of time both Orithan and I would need to do that is something neither of us come close to having. At best for me, the most I'll be able to do is running up to two quests at once, and if I'm running only one quest, it's cause I'm probably doing quest work. Something that's helping us is when it comes to quest design, we'll usually ask the other for help, especially with enemy design, which has drastically increased our productivity, but even then, there's limits to what we can do. Attempting a formal re-release is... well, it's impossible with just us two.

However, we're not shutting off new players entirely either. First, we're gonna see if we can bring back some of the old playerbase that's been patiently waiting for us to start back up. Once we got momentum going and people are re-acquainted and we got some general overall storyline back up and running (and several plot points that could use resolving before new players join in), we'll slowly feed in new players. There were some that started, but were unable to get anywhere cause we didn't have much for the game at the time, so they'll be first. If we get more people DMing, this'll drastically speed up this process, and we might be able to start getting new players in for a change, which can be a really cool experience.

I know time isn't on everyone's side, but for those of you awaiting to play again, fear not, that time is finally coming back, as my groove hath returned.

Something I'm aware new players will bring is new influxes of complaints. I know this game is not perfect, it's far from it, but... in order for us to just keep on trucking through this time, we can't stop for yet another god darn rewrite or mass revision of the system. Both Orithan and myself, after the last few attempts, we both refuse to commit to another. At best, expect small fixes to potential complaints, but dear god no, no more bloody rewrites. Any big stuff that gets applied to the game will be new content, not constant rehashes and revisions.