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07 - 09 - 2016: A Long Awaited Payment - Orithan - 06-10-2016

Whee... First story quest in a while

Quest information
Lately, the Hylian Guard has been reporting an alarming number of missing Hylian cases. After investigation, it has become clear that the culprit behind a several of the Hylian kidnappings is Korrin Yagami; a Sheikah who has been previously caught conspiring to overthrow the Royal Family and was the one who hired Silvio Hunter to murder Kieran Notham. He fled, escaping the clutches Hylian Guard, and has found a hideout from which it is suspected that he is continuing to plot the overtaking of the Royal Family.
While it is known that he is hiding out somewhere, the question remains about where he is. The only person within all of Hyrule who seems to know where the hideout is Silvio Hunter; who is in Hyrule Prison for carrying out multiple murders and has known ties with Bloodwind. To make matters more complicated, Silvio refuses to tell the guard about where Korrin’s hideout unless he is allowed out of prison. Thankfully, the Hyilan Guard managed to negotiate a compromise - Silvio is allowed out of prison, on the condition that he is to be escorted to the location of the hideout and then back once the mission is accomplished and then kept under close guard.
Kieran Notham discovered that Korrin was armed with an evil Artifact when he uncovered his plot a long time ago. It is highly likely Korrin still posses it. Between this and Korrin's failure to pay for the assassination, Silvio wants Korrin to pay up... severely.
This is where you, the adventurers come in. You must escort Silvio to the hideout and arrest Korrin, while making sure that Silvio does not escape. Because the Hylian Guard still wants Silvio alive in prison, he is provided with a Faore’s Fairy (which conveniently warps him back to prison if he is killed) and is forced into using Soulbound at all times to ensure that nobody steals it. This is to ensure that he will not die, regardless of what situation you put him in. Anyways, they could also do with the fairy being returned to them afterwards; so please do not get him killed on purpose.

The primary objectives in this quest are to defeat Korrin and rescue the kidnapped Hylians, which will net you the reward for following through with that. However, you will get bonuses for each of the following secondary objectives that you accomplish:
  • Return Korrin alive.
  • Return Silvio to prison with the Faore’s Fairy still remaining.
  • Return the Rockfella Brothers alive.
Gerudo Valley
Korrin’s Hideout
The main characters you will be encountering are be Korrin and his cronies, though keep a watch out in case anyone shows up to rescue Silvio or in the case Silvio tries to lead you into a trap.
  • Silvio Hunter: To be escorted to the fortress and then back to prison.
  • Korrin Yagami: Quest boss
  • Gorza Rockfella: Ally of Korrin
  • Bonjoro Rockfella: Ally of Korrin
  • Various captured Hylians
  • Silvio’s allies.
It is not known what beasts guard Korrin’s fortress, but it will be wise to be prepared to fight at least one Iron Knuckle in the fortress.
  • The main gimmick of the quest is that you need to escort Silvio... That’s right, you need to escort Silvio, a well known villain, out to Korrin’s Fortress and either slay or arrest Korrin.
    • Silvio starts off with Magic Cuffs preventing him from attacking. He is capable of moving by himself and talking, to guide you to the fortress. Once in the fortress, you can either keep his cuffs on in case you don’t trust him or you can remove the cuffs so Silvio will fight alongside you if you trust him well enough. His Signature Skill, Light Shuriken, is a very powerful ability for Sneak Attacks which can allow you to thin enemy counts down for when you engage battle and having an extra party member can be very useful. Be wary though, his allies will be waiting in the wings. If you see him moving suspiciously, attempt to intervene ASAP.

Quest Rules
Welp, here are some quest rules to help streamline the combat system, since battle length is a huge problem on my end with regular 3-ish round battles lasting 2+ hours as of late. Ideally, I want to see each battle ending within an hour (sans boss battles), but I doubt that I will be achieving just yet at my current DMing skill.
  • You can only change which Passive Skills and Affinities you have active when you have access to the Global Shop.
  • All Extra Bonuses must be listed in the Extra Bonuses field of your profile. Any that are not listed are not counted. For Extra Bonuses that are granted via handheld equipment (Shields, etc), these must be listed in your Status Line instead of the Extra Bonuses field, due to their nature leading them to be able to be swapped out during battle.
  • Each combatant has 3 Minutes to decide their actions and make the appropriate rolls (if attacking) when their turn comes up or you automatically get $endturn-ed. Mind you, the result of an attack can go past this limit. Need more time to decide your action? Communicate within #ZURPGTeam beforehand. This limit is increased to 5 Minutes for Boss Battles.
  • Any roll can only be rerolled within about 30 seconds of Navi posting the results of the roll. Any late rerolls will not be counted.
  • If you Escape from battle, you can not be caught up by an enemy immediately afterwards.

Current Players
This quest can have a maximum of 3 players joining in. If you would like to join, please post in this thread and your times so we can arrange the time of the sessions.
If less than three players show up in time, then I will postpone the sessions to a later date.
  • Melizea Fiammetta (Forgotten Third Eye)
  • Degren (Nimono)
  • Alexander (Coolgamer012345)

Guest character:
Silvio Hunter

Current Results
Am about to engage the Quest Boss.
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3

RE: 06 - ?? - 2016: A Long Awaited Payment - Forgotten Third Eye - 06-12-2016

I plan on joining, though, I do not know of a time as of now (heading off to college and stuff). I should still be available around 5pm Central Time to around 12am Central Time.

RE: 06 - ?? - 2016: A Long Awaited Payment - Nimono - 07-05-2016

Sure, I'll join as Degren

RE: 06 - ?? - 2016: A Long Awaited Payment - coolgamer012345 - 07-05-2016

Ye I'll be interested in joining. A safe estimate of when I can join would be between ~4PM to ~12AM EST, I might be able to join earlier or later than that depending on what I was doing that day, though.

RE: 07 - 09 - 2016: A Long Awaited Payment - Orithan - 07-09-2016

Splitting Darknut
Blue Darknut

RE: 07 - 09 - 2016: A Long Awaited Payment - Orithan - 07-23-2016


RE: 07 - 09 - 2016: A Long Awaited Payment - Orithan - 08-05-2016

Red Darknut

RE: 07 - 09 - 2016: A Long Awaited Payment - Orithan - 09-04-2016

Iron Knuckle

RE: 07 - 09 - 2016: A Long Awaited Payment - Orithan - 09-11-2016

Whee Boss fight

Bonjoro Rockfella
Gorza Rockfella

RE: 07 - 09 - 2016: A Long Awaited Payment - Orithan - 09-11-2016