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Best of $lovecalc - Forgotten Third Eye - 04-15-2016

Because things just can't get any better than a hilarious lovecalc!
WindStrike and catgirls
Darn, my secret was spoiled
Surprisingly high
Meanwhile, the following actually makes sense
Spinner goodness!
Hilariously, check this out.
200 percent accurate

RE: Best of $lovecalc - Forgotten Third Eye - 05-13-2016


RE: Best of $lovecalc - Orithan - 05-21-2016

Called it!

RE: Best of $lovecalc - Sephiroth - 05-21-2016


RE: Best of $lovecalc - Sephiroth - 05-27-2016

AbsentThirdEye and Fran were meant for each other

RE: Best of $lovecalc - Orithan - 06-05-2016

Well, that makes perfect sense

RE: Best of $lovecalc - Sephiroth - 08-27-2016

<&Hal> $lovecalc AbsentThirdEye, Lag
<&Kefka> The chance of a successful sexual relationship between AbsentThirdEye and Lag is 91%.

RE: Best of $lovecalc - Forgotten Third Eye - 08-27-2016

Cuil Theory