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Effects Reference Page - WindStrike - 03-29-2016

All of these can stack infinitely. Positive & Negative versions cancel each other out, so if a target has +2 Power and -1 Power, it’s listed as +1 Power.

  • +Power
  • +Courage
  • +Wisdom
  • +Hearts (stat)
  • +Magic (stat)
  • +Attack Dice
  • +Defense Dice
  • +Armor
  • Regen
    • At the start of each round, target recovers Hearts equal to the stack count.
  • Magic Regen
    • At the start of each round, target recovers Magic equal to the stack count.
  • -Power
  • -Courage
  • -Wisdom
  • -Hearts (stat)
  • -Magic (stat)
  • -Attack Dice
  • -Defense Dice
  • -Armor
  • Bleeding
    • At the start of each round, target takes Neutral Damage equal to the stack count.
  • Magic Bleeding
    • At the start of each round, target loses Magic equal to the stack count.
Named Effects
Named Effects of the same name do not stack. It will only refresh the DURATION.

  • Numbed:
    • Target’s Combat Actions have their Dice & Damage Modifiers removed.
    • DURATION: Two rounds.
  • Effect Block:
    • Target can negate the next EFFECT to them caused by a Combat Action, which then removes Effect Block.
  • Liquid Armor:
    • Any Neutral Damage the target takes is converted to normal Damage.
    • DURATION: One round.
  • Shield:
    • Target takes half damage from the next Combat Action they’re hit by, which then removes Shield.
  • Frozen Field:
    • Field Effect
    • After anyone attacks, they lose 2 Attack Dice.
  • Burned:
    • Every time the target attacks or defends, they take 1 Neutral Damage.
  • Cursed:
    • Anytime the target spends Magic, they take Neutral Damage equal to the amount spent.
  • Cauterized:
    • Target cannot recover or siphon Hearts or Magic in any way.
    • DURATION: One round
  • Sparking:
    • All of targets’ single-target Attacks deal an automatic 1 Neutral Damage to their target.
  • Heatwave:
    • Field Effect
    • Anyone that drops down to 2 Hearts or less instantly dies.
  • Immobilized:
    • Target cannot move or use any melee attacks.
    • DURATION: One round.
  • Taunted:
    • Target’s single-target Combat Actions can only target you.
    • DURATION: One round.
  • Delayed:
    • Target’s next attack is delayed by 2 Turns, which then removes Delayed.
  • Thorns:
    • The next time the target is hit by a Combat Action, the attacker takes Damage equal to the attack’s Damage (before Armor is factored in), which then removes Thorns.
  • Whirlwind:
    • Field Effect
    • Anyone with less than 15 Power loses 2 Defense Dice.
    • DURATION: One round.
  • Blinded:
    • When target does any action that does not target themselves, they roll $1d3. If it is a 1, they automatically miss.
  • Unfocused:
    • Target cannot use ranged attacks.
    • DURATION: One round.
  • Silenced:
    • Target cannot cast Spells.
    • DURATION: One round.
  • Disillusion:
    • Gives you a $1d3 chance to auto-dodge an attack, with a 1 being successful. Once this successfully procs, Disillusion is removed.
  • Feedback Field:
    • Field Effect
    • Anyone that spends Magic takes Neutral Damage equal to half the respective Magic Cost.
  • Penumbra’s Curse:
    • Target rolls twice anytime they defend, and they’re forced to take the lower roll.
  • Phased Out:
    • If any of the target’s stats hits 0, except Magic, the target instantly dies.
  • Support Blocked:
    • Negate the next EFFECT to the target caused by a Support Action, which then removes Support Blocked.
  • Undead:
    • Target cannot die. However, if the target has 1 Heart left, any damage they would take instead drains their Magic.
    • DURATION: One round.
  • Reversal:
    • Field Effect
    • Each round, everyone receives 1 Temporary Reroll Point, which automatically expires at the end of the round.
  • Exhausted:
    • Target can not use any actions that involve Charging.
  • No Bonus:
    • All Numerical Bonuses not granted by equipment are temporarily reduced to 0.
    • DURATION: 2 Rounds.
  • Quick Charge:
    • Reduce the Charge time of ally's next charge move by 1 Action. If this goes down to 0 Actions, the charging phase of the move is skipped entirely.
    • DURATION: Until ally uses a charge move.
  • Spirit Armor:
    • Any EFFECTs from enemy attack that would drain or siphon anything from the target are entirely negated.
    • DURATION: Two Rounds
  • Spirit Mana:
    • Field Effect
    • The Magic Costs for everyone is reduced by 1 Magic.