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Hyrule - Kokiri Forest - WindStrike - 07-05-2012

Southeast of Hyrule Field is the Kokiri Forest, which contains both the Kokiri Village and the Lost Woods. Its entrance is that of a hollowed log acting as a tunnel through a high, stone cliff. Many cliffs exist throughout all of Kokiri Forest, each with a hollowed log to provide a way through. No one has ever managed to reach the tops of these cliffs, with the exception of a certain owl who is claimed to be dead.

After going through its entrance, there exists a small section of the forest that's quite misty in the evenings and nights. Most people only travel through it during the high noon before it becomes swarmed by Wisps and Wolfos. This section is followed by a wooden bridge over a deep stream. It's not a far fall to the water, but it usually runs fast, preventing anyone from getting back up. As a result, caravans are only brought to the bridge, at which point a party brings the goods to the village from there.

Another log cliff and you're in the Kokiri Village. This is the home all of the Kokiri, a race of people that are eternally short, no matter how old they get. In fact, they hardly mature, as they seem to continually act childish from day to day. Even the shopkeeper acts like a kid, despite having to deal with merchants from Hyrule Castle everyday.

Each house is a large, hollowed out tree with a spiral staircase lining both the interior walls and the exterior walls. Upon immediately entering Kokiri Village is Mido's house on the left and the Know-It-All Brothers' house on the right. There's even a small training grounds next to their house, though the most it offers are friendly duels between travelers. A fence surrounds both the house and the training grounds.

A small waterfall falls from the cliff following Mido's house, providing a river that surrounds the shop. It flows lightly and appears to run into a dead-end with the cliff behind the shop, but the water has to flow somewhere. Someone nearly super bombed the wall once, but the shopkeeper stopped it and now has countermeasures against anyone that tries to blast open that wall.

Outside of the river and past the Know-It-All Brothers' house is another string of houses. This includes the inn, the twins' house, Saria's House, and a house known as "The Legendary House", which once belonged to the Hero of Hyrule.

All of the exterior staircases lead to the tops of the trees, which is a large string of interconnected tree houses dispersed throughout the foliage. There are holes throughout the foliage, allowing sunlight to reach through to the bottom. These houses aren't actually for the Kokiri. Shortly after Ganondorf fell, the Deku Scrubs decided to ally themselves with the Kokiri. They agreed on the condition that the village would supply them a home. With the support of the New Deku Tree and the power of the Kokiri Emerald, they sprouted new tree tops on all of the houses that used to be stumps. The fairies have also found themselves a home up in the foliage with the Deku Scrubs. They're a little hard to deal with, but it's no worse than the childish Kokiri.

On the other side of the entrance is a small valley passage to another area: The Great Deku Tree's Meadow. It's been cleared out ever since the Old Deku Tree passed away from Ganondorf's curse. In its place is the New Deku Tree. While it may not have the wisdom of the previous tree, it comes with a cheery attitude similar to that of the Kokiri along with a ridiculous Magic pool. It's rumored to be in the thousands, though no one knows the exact amount. Every day, the Kokiri ask the New Deku Tree to show them a trick, some of which have resulted in its growth to a larger tree. The New Deku Tree may be powerful, but he still has a long way to go in both size and wisdom to catch up to the Old Deku Tree.

Behind Mido's House is a set of staircases leading to the Lost Woods. Upon passing through the cliff log, one will be met with a small area surrounded by more cliff logs. The starting area always seems to be the same, but every day, all of the other areas appear to change location. Certain ways end up leading back to the start. There are also locations within the Lost Woods, though their locations continue to change.
  • Goron City Underpass
  • Pool to Zora's River
  • Skull Kid's Stump
  • Magic Lake
  • Sacred Grove
While their exact positions change, the Goron City Underpass always seems to be somewhere around the middle, and the entrance to the Sacred Grove is around the top section.

There is also an uphill river in the Lost Woods that leads north, running on the right side. In theory, it meets up with the river from Zora's Lake to reach Northern Hyrule, but no one has confirmed it due to an impassable section in between. A dense fog covers the area, and attempting to enter just sends people back the other way.

Additionally, there is a cave far to the west of Lost Woods, assuming anyone gets there. The only one known to survive getting there and back is Subrosia's Smithy, though he was unable to enter the cave. According to Navi, this is where Link disappeared from Hyrule ten (or three) years previously.